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edm marketing

EDM marketing is a great tool for business growth and transformation. You can use EDM marketing to connect with your customers and promote a service or product. Let’s look at the most common questions asked about EDM marketing. Let’s find the answers so that you can engage with your audience.

What is An EDM Platform?

An EDM platform is a place where you can contact your email list to connect with your customers. Here is the place where you can showcase new products or promote a service. EDM marketing is a great platform to enable you to achieve optimal growth.

How Do You Write EDM Marketing?

You can write EDM marketing by implementing creativity with a marketing strategy. You can personalise your EDM marketing to truly connect with your customers. You can deliver solutions that solve their problems. A great tool for writing EDM marketing is MailChimp.

What is EDM Strategy?

An EDM marketing strategy is putting in place measures that enable you to achieve growth. An EDM strategy is all about the following elements of marketing:

  • Creating a powerful digital campaign
  • Sharing new promotions
  • Sharing news and content that is valuable
  • Creating brand awareness

Are EDMs Effective?

The answer to this question is yet. EDM marketing is effective if you put in place a unique strategy. It is important to not bombard your customers with junk. This can cause a negative impact on your business. To create effective EDM marketing, it’s important to do some research to understand your customers. You have to know their needs and what they are looking for.

EDM Marketing

Email marketing is also known as EDM marketing. It is the practice of sending various types of valuable content to a list of subscribers via email. It is a great way to attract new customers to buy a product or service. This content can serve to generate:

  • Quality website traffic
  • Leads
  • Product signups

Your customers love to see the latest news and offers available within your business. You can create a newsletter to deliver these elements. You can install creativity and strategy into your EDM marketing.

A Guide to Creating Valuable EDMs

Here’s a guide to creating valuable EDMs. Put these processes in place to ensure that you create valuable content. Your subscribers will love this!

  1. Create a Theme
  2. Develop a Concept
  3. Include Quality Graphic Design
  4. Write Compelling Copy
  5. Add a Call to Action
  6. Showcase Something New
  7. Stay Connected with Social Platforms

Create a Theme

It’s important to have a theme in EDM marketing so that you are aligned with your brand. This is all about the colour, tone and feel of your EDMs.

Develop a Concept

Choose a direction you will take and stick to it. EDM marketing is all about your subscribers enjoying what they read and choosing to connect. Develop a concept that is striking and follow this through in every EDM that you create.

Include Quality Graphic Design

You can use a tool such as Canva to design your graphics. If you don’t have the resources of an expert then choose a tool like Canva to assist you in the process.

Write Compelling Copy

This is quite possibly the most important process of EDM marketing. This is because the words that you choose to write can influence your audience. You want to create positive emotions with the words that you use. You need to create engagement with the copy that you write.

Add a Call to Action

When you add a call to action, you are inviting your subscriber to take action in buying or investing. This is another key factor to successful EDM marketing.

Showcase Something New

People don’t want to see something old. They definitely don’t want to read about something they have already read about. Showcasing something new is about offering a promotion or something that excites.

Stay Connected with Social Platforms

This is a great way to stay connected. Social media icons implemented into your EDM marketing is a great way to keep your customers engaged. 

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