4 Steps to Sourcing The Best Digital Transformation Agency

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Not everyone knows about the concepts behind digital marketing. There are many questions to ask when you sign up with a digital transformation agency. The process of working together needs to be seamless. There must be a clear understanding of the goals that are put in place.

Sourcing the best digital transformation agency just got easier. If you were worried about doing so, then here is your solution. This step by step process will help you to find a digital transformation agency. Find one that truly fits with your brand, enabling you to receive powerful results. Everything that your business deserves.

Step 1: Do Your Research

There are many large agencies out there that don’t always deliver the results. Just because a company has a big brand/name that appears popular, does not necessarily mean that they are the right digital transformation agency for you. The rise of smaller digital marketing agencies is opening doors for much success. There are many small agencies who do things incredibly well. So remember, when you are looking for the best digital transformation agency, size does not always matter. Do you research and find a place that is fitting with your brand and goals, regardless of size.

Step 2: Focus on Your Brand

You may think you know your brand. But not many people know their brand very well. Business and brand are completely different elements of marketing. You may know your business inside and out. But focusing on your brand will enable the goals to be reached. This will create a true partnership with the digital transformation agency.

You have to know who your target audience is and know how your brand will be perceived. Only then can you assess whether a digital transformation agency understands your brand. No agency can work alone – your input is required. They will all need guidelines and briefs from you to do their jobs well. The only way to guide them is to be the person that knows all there is to know about the brand.

Step 3: Set Clear Goals

Goals are, “The object or aim of an action, for example, to attain a specific standard of proficiency, usually within a specified time limit.” Goal setting is important for any business.

Before you can find a digital transformation agency that best suits your needs, you need to be clear on your goals. When it comes to goals, most companies will agree that increasing revenue is the most important one. But marketing goals can often vary on the type of business you’re running. Setting clear goals will help the digital transformation agency achieve everything.

You should decide what kind of work your agency will do for you. Do you need them to manage your social media accounts and online campaigns, or build a website? Or do you need them to completely re-brand, design a new logo or create a powerful campaign? Whatever you need, your future digital transformation agency needs some guidance to help achieve your goals.

Step 4: Present Your Brief

When you’ve narrowed your choice to between three and five agencies, you can organise a pitch. This is the best way to see them at work and how they present their digital transformation agency.

Present a brief and your ideas. The pitch should test their abilities and show you what the digital transformation agency can do for your business. Talk about timelines, deadlines and what is expected to be delivered.

Once you have presented your plans, allow the digital transformation agency to come forward with their ideas. A truly passionate agency will be able to deliver the following elements into their work:

  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Culture
  • Time management
  • Strategy
  • Understanding of client needs
  • Teamwork essence
  • Ability to work under pressure

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